Sunday, February 7, 2010

Welcome to the Electronic Revolution

Why another blog that focuses on ebooks, EBRs (ebook readers), and electronic publishing in general? Aren't there enough out there? Well, since I bought a Kindle 2 last summer, I have found a lot of blogs that discuss Kindle and other EBRs from the techie angle, the freebie angle, and the tips & tricks angle. I am more interested in thinking about the consumer angle, especially in light of recent events with the unveiling of the iPad and the Macmillan/Amazon dispute. What should customers expect from ebook providers? How do the pros and cons of electronic texts versus paper texts break down? These are all topics I hope to examine.

What qualifies me to comment on these topics? Mainly, my passion for electronic reading and its potential to revolutionize how we consume and process written content. This did not start with my purchase of the Kindle 2 last summer; I have been reading ebooks for about seven years now. My main ebook reading device was a Palm Zire 71, and after that, the iPod Touch (which I still use sometimes with my Kindle books). I follow Kindle news closely and enjoy analyzing the latest developments.

I hope to discuss issues relevant not only to Kindle owners, but Nook and Sony Readers as well. I welcome commentary and discussion and hope to encourage others to think more deeply about the ebook revolution.

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